Panya & Pauper® isn’t a spur of the moment business. It’s a passion 36 years in the making.

As a little girl, I loved to dress up. I turned ordinary household linens (like lace tablecloths) into imaginary princess garb. Adorned with a tiara, little me would prance around in my lace “gown” adorned with all the “jewels” I could find by raiding my mother’s accessories drawer. And, when I wasn’t playing a princess, I could be found at ballet class, wearing a tutu. When I wasn’t at ballet class, I was off having adventures in the woods surrounding our house.

As I grew older, my desire to dress in unique and beautiful things never faded. Nor did my taste for adventure and discovery. I did, however, trade in my lace tablecloth “gown” for real clothes found in unique corners of the world. I also started making my own jewelry for fun. But even faux princesses have bills to pay, so I went off to college and then onto a career anchoring news in Phoenix. My heart missed ballet class and dressing up. I longed for beauty and individuality in a world of business suits.

After nearly a decade spent in morning news, it was time for another adventure. This is how Panya & Pauper was born.

I hope you enjoy your adventure, as I am enjoying mine. After all, no two adventures and life stories are alike. That’s why I created Panya & Pauper: a brand inspired by global travels, elegant adornment and a desire to stand out as an individual.

What is a Panya?

Don’t worry. You’re not the first to ask.

The word “Panya” (pronounced pahn’yah) comes from my childhood – my mom and my aunties always said “Panya” is a Russian slang term for “princess” or a “little priss.” Think of a woman who delights in nice things and beautiful surroundings. She is a lover of luxury – whether she’s lounging in her sweats or dressed in a gown. Out of that was born the name Panya & Pauper – the “princess” and the pauper.